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I think he may be missing the point.

no i think you’re missing the point.

things designed for women that we call “sexist” actually have advantages which weigh out the disadvantages. 
It’s like women and men in general. We don’t need the same rights to have equal rights.

The pros of being a man are equaled by the pros of being a woman.

"Equal" is not synonymous with "The same" and i think a lot of feminists need to realise this

Also lets not forget that plate armor is not good for women to wear and leads to longer term complications.

Bullshit to both of these, as an amateur scholar of European Warfare. Now while Medieval War is not my specialty, I’ll do my best.

First off, there are zero advantages to the woman’s armor. None. Zilch. Nada. Weight is not an issue with plate mail, since even with the chainmail under-covering, the heaviest part, knight armor comes out to 47 kilograms. That’s less than the average infantryman carries into battle today. It was enough so that guys in reproductions are able to do cartwheels in them. Look up a film by the Metropolitan Museum of Art called I believe “A Night at the Armor Galleries”. People in knight armor were agile.

Secondly, we don’t see any armor that looks anything close to the woman’s because the people during the Medieval Period, contrary to popular belief, were not stupid. The plates are so well made that someone who wore a suit of armor from the period said he had full range of motion inside of it. Think about that. He was 100% able to do everything a normal person could inside his armor.

Thirdly, it does not have long-lasting complications for women. Hell, I know women who do reenactments of Medieval battles, and guess what? They put on the armor like everyone else. Why? Well because as long as they’re strong enough, they can wear it. Armor doesn’t force the weight in any one spot like a backpack. The plates are form-fitting, and distribute the weight evenly.

Fourthly, the female warriors of the period just wore men’s armor.

That simple.

Finally, what you’ve been taught about armor is undoubtedly wrong. Armor was an extremely complex operation, taking at a minimum 7 months and two years’ wages in order to make. Again, these people were not stupid. Armor from the period even included sloping, a concept which was only applied to armored vehicles in the 1930’s! Hell, plate mail was so useful, some units, most notably the Polish Winged Hussars used it successfully up until the 1760’s and achieved absolutely amazing successes with it. Even in 1683, when musketmen were the norm of warfare, the Winged Hussars, armored in full plate armor, managed to fight the Siege of Vienna, performing the largest cavalry charge in history, killing over ten times their number.

tl;dr this is so fucking wrong i don’t even, have a picture of real, sane armor

I would just like the say that the agile thing is absolutely true; I’ve seen a guy wear full plate armour do a motherfucking combat roll, from standing, back to standing, in one smooth motion, no sweat. 

I wear chainmail. I have worn plate. Out of the two, I would prefer chain for agility and plate for being a fucking tank. See? YOU CAN BE GODDAMNED AGILE WITHOUT WEARING A FUCKING BIKINI. 

So what we’re seeing here is that somebody looked at that chainmail bikini and thought it was a) actual ‘women’s armour’ and b) at all practical. This is the level of ignorance and delusion people will go to.

people who think a fucking bikini made out of metal protects you in any meaningful way at all in combat. lal

Much applause to almost everyone on this thread, but just one comment to the one defending skimpy women’s armor in videogames - separate but equal? Now where have I heard that before? …I’m not sure how well that ideal works out irl. I’m sick of “girls” versions of things that should be unisex - of course there are things that need to be fitted differently between sexes or whatnot, but things like pink PS2s and such grind my gears. Not the pink, but the fact that the pink is clearly marketed to “girl gamers.” Most girl gamers I know would never own a pink gaming system. But my brother totally would, because pink is his favorite color. :) And there’s nothing wrong with that; let’s hate the forced marketing, not the product. Continuing on the gaming thread (although this refers to other media as well), there are so many great games that are amazing but fail the metal bikini test (not just referring to literal bikinis here). You just have to roll your eyes over the outfits for women and the boob bouncing and focus on all the good things that make it a solid game or skip it is it’s just too much, which is a crying shame at times. Someday the hope is that there will be less things to roll our eyes at and more to enjoy. 

TL;DR Demz is fully supportive of these informative posts about armor. :clapclap:


Amanda Palmer addresses the Daily Mail about a very important issue

" Dear Daily Mail,
It has come to my recent attention,
That my recent appearance at Glastonbury Festival’s
Kindly received a mention,
I was doing a number of things on that stage
Up to and including singing songs - like you do!
But you chose to ignore that and instead you published
A feature review of my boob

Dear Daily Mail,
There’s a thing called a search engine - use it
If you Googled my tits in advance you’d have found
That your photos are hardly exclusive,
In addition you state that my breast had escaped
From my bra like a thief on the run,
How do you know that it wasn’t attempting
To just take in the rare British sun?

Dear Daily Mail,
It’s so sad what you tabloids are doing,
Your focus on debasing womens’ appearances
Devolves our species of humans,
But a rag is a rag, and far be it from me,
To go censoring anyone— oh no,
It appears that my entire body is currently
Trying to escape this kimono!

Dear Daily Mail,
You misogynist pile of twats,
I’m tired of these baby bumps, vag flashes, muffintops,
Where are the news-worthy cocks?
When Iggy, or Jagger, or Bowie, go shirtless
The news barely causes a ripple,
Blah blah blah feminist, blah blah blah gender shit,
Blah blah blah OH MY GOD NIPPLE

Dear Daily Mail,
You will never write about this night,
I know that because I’ve addressed you directly
I’ve made myself no fun to fight,
But thanks to the internet people all over the world
Can enjoy this discourse,
And commune with a roomful of people in London
Who aren’t drinking Kool-Aid like yours

And though there be millions of people who accept
The cultural bar where you have it at it,
There are plenty of others who are perfectly willing
To see breasts in their natural habitat
I keenly anticipate your highly literate
Coverage of upcoming tours
Dear Daily Mail,
Up Yours.”

I respect her more now :)

All hail AFP. Somebody take me to see her, please!!!

My cousin says girls can’t like Avengers. Reblog if you disagree.


Hey Demz! apparently you aren’t allowed to like the Avengers.

How dare you like something men enjoy!#sarcasm




For all the chaps who are so upset, furious, offended, affronted that people mocked the Catwoman #0 cover, I have a few words of counsel.

First, please understand that the critics are not complaining that the cover is “too sexy”. Perhaps someone somewhere has said that the cover is “too…

this needed to be reblogged

You’re kidding me… right? >:l WHAT THE HECK IS THIS. Women are only good for two parts of their anatomy, amirite? Let’s twist her into an impossible, ridiculous pose just so we can highlight that. This is not sexy, this is disturbing. Catwoman should be sexy, it’s part of the character, but this is way past acceptable and in no way close to being sexy.

…I’m a female, and I don’t know what this is.